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Industry Quality Pro Tools Template

Industry Quality Pro Tools Template

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4 Steps to UNLOCK the Download of THE FREE Industry Quality Pro Tools Template Stripped Down Version

Step 1. Click each tab below, One By One

Step 2. Subscribe and Follow our pages to unlock the FREE Download of the Industry Quality Pro Tools Template Stripped Down! (Not The Full Version!!)


 In this video, I give you a FREE Pro Tools vocal template using Waves plugins, Slate Digital, and UAD plugins that you can use in 2021 and beyond. This vocal template will help you mix rap vocals or hip hop, R&B vocals. I hope this Pro Tools Tutorial helps you in your next studio session! this is the best FREE Pro Tools Vocal Template 2021 PERFECT for mixing rap vocals! I hope this pro tools template helps you better understand how to mix vocals or how to mix rap vocals.



1. 3 Pro Tools Templates Versions

2. Pro Tools Template for UAD Plugins, Wave Plugins, Slate Digital Plugins

3. Pro Tools Template Only for Wave users

4.  Pro Tools Template with all tracks but no plugins

5. Help guide on how to get started



Recording Artist/Producers looking to make Industry Quality songs faster without worrying about mixing & mastering

Get quality music and not have to think about mixing but focus on getting a really good-sounding song and place to start.


How to Install it?

Once It's downloaded.

1. Go to Your Pro Tools DOCUMENT program folder!

2. Click on Session Template

3. Make a new folder or paste everything here



*no refunds*






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