How To Mix And Master In FL Studio 20 USING DRUMS !

In this video, I show you how to mix and master In FL Studio 20 using YOUR DRUMS! Mixing doesn't have to be hard, if you simplify it, it will become easier! Don't Let Mixing Trap Beats be something that's hard but ill show you a different way of How to mix beats in fl studio like the pros. Understanding how To Sample using your trap beats to mix your beats in fl studio can change how you think when it comes to mixing. I also go into detail on how to master your beats in fl studio. These quick tips at the end of the video show you how to master beats. Don't think it's hard when you want to learn how to mix beats FL Studio think of it in another way. I go into detail on how I mix and master my beats. I like using drums when I'm in the process ok thinking about how to level your beats. Sit back and enjoy this video showing how I mix my beats. Hope my tips help you learn how to mix your beats. If you want more videos showing how to mix and master your beats in fl studio let me know, Gang!
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