How to MAKE MONEY as a MUSIC PRODUCER IN 2021 | Passive Income Ideas!

In this video, I should you how to make money as a music producer in 2021. These passive income ideas will help you make more money and live your dream! Not only can you sell beats online but you can take these tips to make money in other areas you probably didn't think of. I hope this helps! 
  • Collaborating with artist and producers.

Using services like DistroKid you can make money off your streamser  

In today’s music climate, everyone is collaborating. This is awesome. So, DistroKid has a tool that allows you to easily pay your collaborators, without having to hire an accountant! With Teams, by DistroKid:

  • You can add unlimited collaborators to any track.

  • You can change the splits any time.

  • You can add or remove collaborators any time.

  • You can go back in time and see any previous splits.

  • For privacy, collaborators can only see what percentage they get. They can’t see who your other collaborators are, or what percentage other folks are getting.

  • If your collaborators don't already have a DistroKid account, they'll be able to create one for just 10 bucks. a year.

  • Your release won’t be delayed if your collaborator is slow to sign up. Instead, we’ll just hold the money for them until they join.

  • If your collaborator never joins, you can easily cancel their invite & reallocate their $$ elsewhere (or grab it yourself).

  • As always, DistroKid never takes a cut. You & your collaborators get 100% of earnings in total.


Personally I already recommend DistroKid when I’m working with other people, I charge artist on the front end to use the beats and demand royalties on the backend. so if anyone streams our music DistroKid will split everything automatically with everyone that’s involved. Instead of relying on other people to pay you manually for your streams. And trust me. They will forget.
Especially when they’re working on there 100th song. Use the link in the description to get a discount In getting started with DistroKid. They also have different price ranges to help you get started.

Companies can pay you for your traffic on your website. You can make a website around music, music artist, music gear whatever you want. When you have that set up all you have to do is bring people to it and you can make money just sharing knowledge. Personally I use YouTube to generate free traffic. And YouTube is free. 
I have a real interest in music and I make money just by being interested. Personally I use Shopify to build my website. You can make your pages on here and ad a special code that we’ll be an ad. This took me like 2 weeks to a month to get approved. If they say anything like you need more content on your website, just make sure you have link to other pages on your Home Screen and they will approve it’s super easy. 
Now when I talk about products that are listed on Amazon or programs. I will get paid regardless if the person buys anything or not without asking for card information and social security numbers. And I can use this money to do whatever.
  • Post on Instagram on with ads 

Build relationships. Make artist come to you, build a relationship with them. here's how I do it, I've been doing it for years. You can target using Facebook’s ads rappers, song writer, people in your location. People who don’t make music see this and tag someone they know. Now they may come to your page or inbox you. Now without even know it people who don’t do music will be working for you. Personally I recommend direct messaging all of the artist any deals you have and links to your beats. By doing this you’ll be building relationships, clients, and even followers
  • Posting on YouTube.

 Regardless if you make a sell or not, you can make money off your views. Personally I use tools like vidIQ to see the search value around keywords to see if it’s worth titling a certain way. You can post beats, tutorials, vlogs. music producers watch it all. If you use smart SEO, and keyword you can get views. Let me know if you want me to drop videos on this topic. You can use your smart phone that’s what I started with. Most phones can record in 4K most cameras can’t even do that. Person I use Adobe premiere to edit my videos. Brand wise building a YouTube means a lot more than building an Instagram page
  • Talking about products listed on Amazon.

You can literally make a video about products you don’t have or products you currently own and share the links that are from Amazon, regardless if they buy that same product if they buy anything from Amazon within 48 hours you get a Commission. We can look and see I’ve made money with this product and I’ve never talked about some of these things. But because I was one of the last affiliates that link them to that whole Amazon store I got a percentage of the sale. You can literally grab your music gear that you use everyday and make a video about it with your phone and start making money. Here’s a few dollars I’ve personally made by doing this and it’s only just the beginning.
  • Mix and master songs, beats.

If you have a real skill in make music sound good you can offer. When I first started I use to charge 50 dollars but as I got better my price went up. Most artist won’t do research on how to mix. I would record on myself and practice that way till I got really good then I started offering those services. There are even services that have a monthly subscription where you get every plugin for a small fee. Personally I look at that as an investment to your business because you can use that to make more money then your spending.





  • Making MIDI kits, drum kits, or sample packs from older beats. 

Personally I love this idea it doesn’t take much work if you have beats already. If you’ve already been making beats you can go back to the last 50 beats or more and save all the midi files and make a pack and sell it. You can contact producers on Instagram for free or use Facebook ads to make sells. You can price this however you like. Producers normally have more money then artist. There are tons of producers who make beats but have bad melodies. They need stuff like this. Plus it being a midi they can change it up use any sound they like. You can add this to your website.
  • Sponsorships

Personally I like doing sponsorship around products I genuinely use. Like DistroKid. Companies well pay you to talk about there products if you create your own platform. They will email you and it’s a great addition to your income.
  • Selling merch

You can easily make your own merchandise by website like Shopify, wix, print full, tsprings. You can use a free website like to edit photos for free. Or to make really great photos for your merch that speaks to other producers or artist. You can ad this to your website.

  • Sharing books that are listed on audible.

If you truly love music you might read a book or too about it. If you really like any books you’ve read about music knowledge and it’s listed on audible. Like this book all about the music industry. I personally share a link to where you can listen to the book for free from audible and I make 5 dollars per sign up. Plus your helping people that need to hear that information. Just by sharing knowledge you can make money.

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