Best Plugin For Mixing Rap Vocals From Slate Digital | Vocals Mixing Tutorial

 In this video, I show you the Best Plugin For Mixing Rap Vocals From Slate Digital. Some of these plugins they made are really good for vocal mixing. Mixing vocals can be hard if you don't know where to start. that is why this how to mix rap vocals type video will help you learn how to mix hip hop vocals. I recommend using slate digital plugins in the process. Personally, I love mixing hip hop vocals in pro tools. I like using plugin like slate digital virtual mix rack or slate digital everything bundle or slate digital vmr or virtual mix rack for pro tools mixing or rap vocal mixing

 NEVE 1073 SPX Preamp

I ❤ this preamp the sound quality is so solid! better then the plugins. the plugins to come close but i recommend just getting the real thing.


The sounds qualify from this s similar to there rack units and its SOOO good!
i used to use the arrow and personally  can hear the difference! you have way more dynamic range to get cleaner and fuller mixes! I Highly recommend 
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