5 BEST Free VST Instrument plugins you can DOWNLOAD to ANY DAW IN 2021!

5 BEST Free VST Instrument plugins you can DOWNLOAD to ANY DAW IN 2021!


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In late 2020, Tytel released Vital, a freeware spectral warping wavetable synthesizer with a staggering list of features and on-board controls. This is undoubtedly one of the most exciting audio plugin releases in a long time, especially given the fact there’s a FREE version available.

The free edition of Vital includes all the core functionality of Vital, and comes with 75 presets and 25 wavetables.

Vital features 3 powerful, high-quality wavetable oscillators, each with frequency wrapper and wave shaper controls. An additional sample slot is also available, which can be used to add noise or other audio textures. Vital also features an on-board wavetable editor, allowing you to warp and manipulate the wavetables to your hearts content.


The 3 oscillators and the sample slot can be individually routed to two filter modules, and you can also assign 3 envelopes, 4 audio-rate LFOs, 2 randomizers, and several other modulation options. There is also an extensive effects rack, featuring phaser, reverb, delay and other audio effects.

The one downside is that the CPU-usage is fairly high, so if you’re using a slower system, it may struggle with multiple loadings of the plugin. However, a single instance should normally be okay.


Overall, Vital is definitely the best free synth plugin in 2021, and no other free plugin matches it’s incredible design and creative flexibility.




2. Viking Synthesizer



VK-1 Viking Synthesizer is a powerful plugin capable of creating rich, smooth, and creamy sounds.
This free virtual instrument plugin is an authentic emulation of a classic monophonic analog synthesizer. It has three continuously variable wave oscillators, two ladder filters with a dual lowpass or highpass/lowpass configuration, a multi-wave LFO, and two modulation busses.
VK-1 comes with 228 presets to play around with that will instantly spark your creativity.
Plus, for a plugin with a fairly extensive range of on-board features and controls, this synth remains really low on CPU-usage

Trap Essentials Vol 1

Trap Essentials vol 1  is a midi /sample kit that helps you make trap music as faster, and more melodic. This midi kit is designed to help you obtain signature trap sounds. Trap Essentials vol 1  includes 50 Notes & 50 Sample loops that are plug-and-play all 100% ROYALTY FREE.


 If you’re looking for weird textures and sounds, Sinnah is for you.

It uses a single complex oscillator and three delays to make truly inspiring sounds. From swirling pads to super saturated strings, Sinnah is great at filling in the gaps of your songs
It’s not the most conventional synth. It’s really geared towards experimental artists.
Sinnah is available for Mac and PC, with a potential Linux build if there’s enough demand.

4.  CollaB3

CollaB3 is a very recent plugin. Created to help musicians who are quarantining, CollaB3 emulates an old-school B3 organ.







Midi Notes from mars is a midi kit that helps you make trap music as faster, and more melodic. This midi kit is designed to help you obtain signature trap sounds. Midi Notes from mars includes 50 Notes that are plug and play all 100% ROYALTY FREE.





5. Synister

What I really love about Synister is its interface. It’s clean, intuitive, and easy to use.
Many synths have really complex GUIs, which make them almost impossible to understand. But Synister isn’t one of them.
Despite its ease of use, Synister doesn’t skimp on the features. You can blend 3 oscillators together.
And there are tons of envelopes, filters, and effects. You can easily apply them to different parts of the signal chain.
It’s a great synth for beginners and experts alike!
Synister is available for Mac and PC
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